Chanel. Les 9 Ombres.

Haven't posted in ages, but here are a few snaps I just took of this gorgeous eye shadow palette from Chanel. It's called 'Les 9 Ombres' are the colours are just so shiny! Was liking the way the sky was reflected in the mirror :) What do you guys think? 




22.08.11 - Nike Dunk Hi Skinny.

£67 - SCHUH

So yesterday I went shopping in Westfield with Tiger and his mother (friends from China) and she bought me this pair of shoes! Been dying for a pair of these since forever and I've finally got a pair. In an ideal world I would've got Nike IDs and designed them myself but these are a much cheaper option coming in at £67 which I think is a decent price for Nike shoes. I bought these from Schuh and there was quite a good range of Nike Hi Tops in there as well as some other really popular brands so I'd highly recommend going there if you're looking for a new pair of shoes - whatever the occasion! 

21.08.11 - Carboot Sale III

.Carboot Sale III.
Awesome pegs!

Went to another car boot sale today (third weekend in a row!) Wasn't expecting to get anything - books were definitely off the cards because of what happened last time - 17books, 15 minutes - but I did notice these rather snazzy little note holders that come in the form of giant colour pegs. There were 3 in total (there is also a baby blue one, but my mother's taken it for her own :( and so he missed out on the photo sesh ) and I got them for just £1!! Unbelievable bargain. They don't even look like they've been used! Think I'm going to go to a carboot sale every week, you never know what you might find!  

14.08.11 - In the Park

.In the Park.
A ninja snuck into my photos!

So I was just casually taking pictures of my mum riding my bike, but what's this? A ninja?! Lucky I was doing a quick succession of shots so I captured this rather hilarious moment.